What’s Halloween Without Fright Rags?

Posted on: October 18th, 2011 by Anthony Rapino 11 Comments

I’ve never been a fan of clothes shopping.  I hate it, in fact.  Clothes serve a utilitarian purpose, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s all.  That means two things.  One, I usually look like a bum.  And two, I never spend extravagant sums of money of fashionable clothing.

Well, almost never.  My one vice when it comes to clothes is Fright Rags.  Their shirts are the coolest things I’ve ever placed against my skin.  When I wear their shirts, I may still look like a bum (due to my beard, long hair, and torn jeans), but at least now I look like a murderous bum.  A bum willing  to deal some serious damage if someone tries to take my shopping cart of cans.  Not unlike their new shirt for Hobo with a Shotgun.  If any of my novels or stories ever make it to the big screen, you better believe I’m giving this group of pure awesome the exclusive rights to make the shirts.  It’s only right.

Treat yourself this Halloween.  You don’t even have to go door to door.

Speaking of going door to door (see what I did there?), don’t forget about going blog to blog during the Coffin Hop, starting October 24th and going till October 31st.  Remember, every participating blog (including mine!) will be holding a contest, which means you’ll have over 70 contests you can enter.  I likes them odds.

For my own contest I’ve decided to give away a Halloween Mystery Bag.  It will contain a whole lot of goodies, probably consisting of some sort of fiction (magazines, books, etc), candy, toys, stickers, Halloween related goodness, and whatever I can shove into one of those USPS flat rate boxes.  You don’t want to miss this one.

11 Responses

  1. EArroyo says:

    LOL. Sounds cool. I will definitely try for the prize and the tees looks awesome. Hey, why wait till your book comes out into a movie to make a tee? I think that’s a great idea even now. =)

  2. EArroyo says:

    On second thought…that is disgusting. I think I would traumatize my kids wearing that. =)

    • Oh, for sure! 😉

  3. Indigo says:

    Having just seen Trick ‘r’ Treat, that t-shirt is wicked! Sounds like we both have the same clothing arsenal. Tee’s
    and ripped jeans. Add in a flannel shirt and hiking boots and I’m good. Yes, I’m very much a woman. Still, I love my forages into the woods too much to dress like a diva. Hell, I’m prepared to outrun zombies. (Hugs)Indy

    • Yeah, i pretty much *had* to buy the Trick ‘r Treat hoodie. Love that movie. Zombies beware my running power!

  4. Laurita says:

    Very nice segue. And those shirts are wicked. I especially like WW(jason)D?

    • I was going to buy the WWJD shirt, but they didn’t have my size last I checked. It’s a good one. 🙂

  5. Katey says:

    Wow, why do I not own any of those shirts? Time to make it happen…

  6. Fright rags — nice. And let’s hear it for the mystery bag!

    • Yup, I love my fright rags. Can’t teach in them though. 🙁 Mystery bag for the win!

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