A Horror Writer's Blog: Why I am a horror writer

I sometimes feel I need to embrace that this page on my website–the one I alternately think of as a news source, mental ward journal,  and horror aphrodisiac–is really just a blog.  I know how that sounds, believe me.  I have the intense urge to wash my mouth out with soap.  But it’s true.

This is a horror writer’s blog.  My horror writing blog.

If you’ve been reading along for more than a few months, you know my schizophrenic ramblings can span many topics, and sure, there’s actual news about my writing now and then, but more often it’s just liquid crazy.  And I drink it by the gallon.

Following my established pattern of nonsense, I’m updating this–say it with me–horror writing blog, for no real reason.  Okay, there is a reason, but it’s not a good one.

I’m often asked why I became a horror writer, and I often say I have no idea.  Well, I found a pile of childhood books on my bookshelf.  In the future, when people ask why I became a horror writer, I think I’ll simply show them this picture.

why are you a horror writer

Now I ask you:

Why do you write/read/watch/make love to horror?

1 thought on “A Horror Writer's Blog: Why I am a horror writer”

  1. Because I recognize the monsters in human guise, the thrill of it, to shred my fears – limb from limb…or could it just be the perfect balance for the better me. Who knows, but it’s all grisly fun. (Hugs)Indy

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