And the slump continues…

It’s a lucky thing I stopped numbering the rejections, because this latest batch would have been really depressing to count.

I have a 2 day rejection from GUD, for my piece, “Camera Obscura.”

And I have a 2 day rejection from Cryptopedia Magazine, for my piece, “The Box of Forever.”

Okay, enough of that.

My novel: I have been writing daily and have a few thousand words and a rough outline put together. I am officially announcing that this novel will be a zombie novel, though hopefully very different than any you have ever read. This is of course assuming I can get it published once I finish, otherwise it will simply be the most unique zombie novel you will never read.

I have some great ideas to put into this novel, content-wise as well as form and structure-wise. I just hope it all pulls together.

And hell. A couple magazine sales to boost my spirits in the meantime couldn’t hurt.