another one!?

Well, I wish I had some better news for my return to the old blog–but i don’t.

Today brought a 3-day rejection from Heliotrope. This was for a piece that I recently rewrote: “Retired.”

The old version had been shopped around quite a bit, and I am hesitant to send this new version to the markets I previously submitted it to, which leaves me with very few options.

No other news to report. I haven’t written anything new to the novel, though I have done a bit of research and character sketch stuff.


4 thoughts on “another one!?”

  1. You could try Noctem Aeternus. They will be open for subs in June. At 10c a word, it sounds like a good market. If they get off the ground that is. Nothing is ever sure with small press markets. Especially new ones.

  2. Good to see you back, Oni. Congrats on the graduation!

    Kudos on the novel and good luck for all your submissions. 🙂

  3. briliantdonkey

    Did you see the promo for the new movie by stephen King? I just caught the tail end of the commercial(didn’t even see the name or what story it is from).


  4. Anthony J. Rapino

    Steve, I just subbed there. Thanks for the tip.

    Hey, Sury. Thanks! It feels good to be done.

    I haven’t heard about this new Stphen King movie. I usually don’t get too excited about his movies until i see some clips and stuff, because quite frankly, his movies are hit and miss.

    I do hope it’s good though.

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