Uprooted Available for Preorder

First of all, welcome to my new digs, carefully and brilliantly designed by my brother, Michael Rapino.  He worked incredibly hard to create a unique resting place for my diseased words, and he absolutely accomplished that feat.

Be sure to check out all the dark corners of the site.  I have a slew of new photos posted under “multimedia,” an extended biography under “about me,” and complete lists of my reviews and published works, along with links to the ones that are currently available.

As you might have noticed from the super-awesome banner (thanks Mike!), I have a signed, lettered chapbook for preorder.  The chapbook is entitled UPROOTED and contains the titular, previously unpublished story, along with two reprints:  “Just Once More Little Sister,” and “Retired.”  You can preorder for $6, which includes shipping.

The chapbooks have hand stamped cover art, hand stamped letters (A-Z), and are limited to a mere 26 copies.  Be sure to order now and reserve your copy.  Well, there is one more reason to preorder…

To commemorate both the launch of my website and the preorder of the chapbook, I’ve spent the past couple weeks putting together exclusive bonus material that you get free when you preorder the chapbook.  When the preorder window ends (March 13th 2011), everyone who has placed an order will receive an e-mail with a secret web address and password to access the following exclusive content:

  • Two unique desktop wallpapers for use on your computer
  • An artistically rendered PDF file of the four page alternate opening to “Uprooted”  (This is best saved until after you’ve read the chapbook)
  • An artistically rendered slideshow, showing the walk and uprooted tree that inspired the story
  • “Uprooted” bookmark templates
  • A chance to receive one of seven exclusive, signed, “Uprooted” bookmarks (These will be placed randomly into seven of the preordered packages and mailed to you with the chapbook).

How’s that for an awesome preorder bonus?  Heck yeah.  Even my mounted skull, Sunshine, thought it was pretty cool.

I hope you all enjoy the site and chapbook.