Back in Familiar Territory

Rejection Town. Ever hear of it? I’m one of their renowned citizens.

Well, I got another rejection today. Admittedly, I didn’t expect this one to get picked up. It was a short piece that I wrote in a day or two. The premise was loose and it probably could have used some more work, but I was under a tight deadline.

So, the good news is I can go back and rework it now. Then maybe re-submit someplace else, if I get it up to a salable quality. The story, by the way, is called “The New Horror.” I actually came up with the title first, liking the sound of it, and wrote the story around that. That’s the first time I had ever written a story that way and maybe why it turned out being a short piece essentially about acid rain.

I know. Lame.

No other news. I’m at the beginning of my field experience, observing and teaching at a middle school. I have to log about 30 hours, so my writing and submitting has kinda fallen off as of late.

I’ll stay current with any new news.