The Unreachable Itch

The Unreachable Itch. I’ve got it bad.

This weekend has been a different kind of hell. Usually I like being home, getting work done, writing, submitting–it’s what I do. But this weekend, something was different. I wrote and edited and read and just couldn’t seem to reach that darned itch.

Eventually I reduced myself to multiple e-mail checks, forum checks–oh yes, and beer. And I can’t omit posting here as a consequence of my new-found cabin fever.

On the bright side, I finished a new short called, “Hair of the Dog.” It’s horror, but it’s funny horror. And honestly, I’m not exactly sure where to submit this lighter type of dark fiction–gray fiction?

I also started writing a fantasy story for an anthology I want to submit to. I have never written fantasy before, and honest to God, I probably never should–but I want to give this a shot because I liked the theme of their anthology: Thieves and Assassins. I’m writing about a thief.

Okay. I’m going to go find a long stick outside and see if I can reach my itch with that.


6 thoughts on “The Unreachable Itch”

  1. You could change the dog into a rabbit and submit it to the authorsbydesign March contest. Doesn’t pay anything, though, that I can tell.

  2. Anthony J. Rapino

    Thanks Bob, but unfortunately, there is no dog in my story ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll check that contest out anyway, maybe I’ll find something for it.

  3. That’s hilarious. And it gives me the third piece to my next blog post about idioms. My son is four and sometimes gets confused by taking literally phrases like “through the roof” or “chew my head off.” It’s like being an alien, being small, or at least someone from a foreign country. So when I saw your title, “Hair of the Dog,” I had just read the post in AbD and the idiom section of my brain went on siesta. I don’t suppose “Hair of the Rabbit” would work. What about “Hare of the Dog”? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Anthony J. Rapino

    That’s actually pretty good.

    Yeah< i guess it's not the best idea using a cliche for a title like that. It's the name of a bar in the story. I'm not too goodat coming up with titles. It's always the most obvious thing from the story.

  5. Anthony J. Rapino

    Hey, thanks a bunch Harmony. I’m gonna put a little more work into it before subbing. Thanks for the tip.

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