Blog Tour: Day 1

Hey gang,

Today is the first official day of the blog tour!  Unlike the kickoff day, today I’ll have a guest post available on Angela Addam’s website.  The post is about plotting and starts like this:

My feelings on Plotting are best described thusly: screw that asshole.  Sorry to be so blunt, but we just don’t get along, Plotting and I.  It could be due to a long held grudge after Plotting stretched plastic wrap over my toilet seat, causing me to splash my feet.  Or perhaps the time he left me stranded out on Highway 19 with no map, money, or phone.  It could even stem from the time I walked in on Plotting and my girlfriend making the beast with two backs.  Whatever the reason—and there are plenty—I simply refuse to speak to him anymore. We’ve parted ways.

Go on and hit Angela Addam’s link to read more!  And don’t forget, you can get the first game piece on her site.  Collect all twelve pieces for a chance to win the $50 gift card, horror gift pack, or ebook gift pack.

Happy Labor Day!