Blog Tour: Day 2

Okay, so technically it’s not day two, it’s tour-stop two.  But I’ve already committed to the “day” titling, so we’ll all just pretend that it’s day two.  We are all dedicated fantasists anyway, so it should be a stretch.

Today, to help swell your brains with nonsense, I am interviewed by Gongleby the Gnome and Blood Tongue, on Brent Michael Kelley’s site.

Here’s a taste:

Blood Tongue: Madness claws at the neck of sanity. What joys do you find in the writing of horrors?

Anthony:  I’d like to trade my back scratcher for your madness claws please.  And what is this about joys of writing?  I’m starting to think gnomes know nothing of writing.  How could you speak of joys when the threads of black frog intestines drip along the walls of my mind and foam from my mouth in everlasting eruptions of filth and bile?  When the creamy center of all that’s good and holy is reduced to fornicating stink lizards in a bed of wormy goat brains?

And you ask me of joy?  JOY!?  I only have one thing to say to that!

I rather adore a hot cup of coffee on a rainy morning while I write.  It makes me feel cozy.


You’ll also find the second game piece (out of twelve) for the puzzle contest I’m holding (where you can win a $50 gift card, horror gift pack, or ebook gift pack).

Day two, minions!  Boom.

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