Blog Tour Day 6

My apologies for posting this one a tad late (okay, two days late), but if you follow me on other social media sites, you know my wonderful Friday quickly turned into a day from Hell in a matter of seconds.  Needless to say, I required much comfort from horror movies and homebrew.

I’m all better now, and looking forward to next weekend when I bottle the Doomsday Dunkel, and brew the Ghoulish Graf.    All is not lost.

But back to the blog tour.  On Friday, Shannon Michaels posted a great little interview with me, not to mention a bonus mini-review of my novel.  Super-cool.  If you’re collecting game pieces, you’ll find it in the interview post, and you’ll also be happy to note that we are officially halfway to the end of contest #1.  Only six more game pieces to go!

While you’re enjoying the interview and review, please note that Shannon Michaels also released a new novel entitled Revival House!  Here’s a taste:

Ghoulish Savannah funeral parlor heir Caleb Exley lusts after the untouchable art student Scarlet, who dreams of blowing town and heading to Hollywood. Caleb and his best friend, Grainger Mercer IV, liven up the dying Exley & Sons funeral business with a touch of modern day memento mori. But Scarlet remains dead-set on leaving until Avery, Caleb’s old friend from a prestigious medical research center, comes to town and catches her eye. Avery barely notices her, he’s got bigger more important plans. When caleb’s passion escapes his control and causes a horrific accident, Avery steps in and resurrects the business of dying.