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Greetings, horror lovers.

So, you received a mysterious postcard from Moon Hill, and you followed one of the links here, to my website.  BUT WHY, you scream to the bloody heavens!

GREETINGS FROM MOON HILL is a unique project that combines the horror fiction and sculptures of Anthony J. Rapino (that’s me!), creator of the mythic town, Moon Hill.  


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This campaign offers innumerable rewards, such as the hard cover horror collection (signed and numbered), horror sculptures such as the pumpkin god (which comes with a glow in the dark pumpkin) and Heaven’s Rain Plaque, glow in the dark stones in a vial, a custom frameable map of the town, and so much more!


As of this writing, GREETINGS FROM MOON HILL is nearly funded.  W’d love not only to get funded, but to reach some of the amazing stretch goals we have in place, such as blood spatter and glow in the dark variants of the sculptures, t-shirts, exclusive art work, and much much more!

Visit the Kickstarter page and find out how you can get your own box of Halloween this October!