Cara Gasper Memorial Art Auction

A couple weeks ago, I received an invitation to the Cara Gasper Memorial Art Auction from Horror Realm. The event takes place in Pittsburgh, and even though I’d love to go, it’s a little too far of a trip for me to make at the moment.

But I wasn’t comfortable just brushing the invitation aside. The auction celebrates Women in Horror Month, but the net proceeds also go to the Animal Rescue League of Western PA.

I can get behind that.

My compromise was to prepare a unique manuscript of my recently published story, “Just Once More, Little Sister.” It’s a signed and numbered “uncorrected proof” of the story that I printed out. To jazz it up a bit, seeing as how this is an art auction, I added some sketches, coded messages, fake blood, and scorch marks, to the manuscript.

I don’t know that anyone is interested in buying an unknown author’s manuscript, but I wanted to contribute something to the cause.

The event takes place on the 27th of February. Check out the link above for the full press release and information on the event.

6 thoughts on “Cara Gasper Memorial Art Auction”

  1. Onipar,

    Hey! This is a great post. And it's great that you want to contribute to the cause.

    It's something I've not heard of yet, and thanks to you I'm going to check it out.

    Congrats on the recently published story and good luck in the auction.

    Love the doodles!
    Happy writing

  2. Thanks so much for posting. Yes, definitely check it out, there may even still be time to donate something if you're so moved.

  3. What an excellent idea for your work…it gets you out there in the public eye too! Women in Horror Month? I'm checking that out. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Akasha.

    It was a lot of fun messing around with the manuscript too. I hope it brings in a few bucks for the cause and finds a happy home.

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