Cate Gardner is Awesome

A while back I wrote about how much I love getting mail.  It’s one of the not-so-secret truths about me.  So when I opened my mailbox to find a padded envelope sent from overseas, I cracked the first–and probably only–smile of the day.

I’d completely forgotten (which makes it even better) that the wonderful and amazing Cate Gardner had sent off a secret package of goodies for me.  She had a “reason” to do so, justifiable only by the most stern of rule makers: Cate held a contest of which I was the only entrant.

I told Cate there was no need to send me anything.  How could I possibly “win” when there was no one competing against me?

But Cate is cool.  She’s, as the title so boldly states, awesome.

In the envelope I found my two new favorite items: a Beatles magnet and a Yellow Submarine key chain, both of which are currently employed in making everyone that sees them super jealous.

Now then, lets give Cate a big virtual hug and mosey over to her blog where she has recently announced some new releases.  And let us not forget that Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits is still available!  In Kindle format too.

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