Celebrating Friday the 13th

Party Planning and Menu

While patiently waiting for Halloween, sometimes we’re gifted with an excuse to start early by celebrating a comparable…let’s call it “holiday.” That’s right, friends. This Friday is Friday the 13th, and for the Halloween and horror obsessed, the day is one marked by movie marathons, parties, and themed foods. What follows are recommendations for your own epic celebration.

Get Started Early

There’s no way I can fit all of the movies and activities into a single day. I usually like to do the majority of food preparation the day before, opening up more time on the 13th for fun. I also like to kick things off at midnight with a Friday the 13th movie selection (usually the first one for me, but follow your gut).

Get in the Mood

While prepping, a carefully selected music playlist is helpful in setting the grim mood. Sometimes, if I’m feeling lazy, I’ll just pop on my standard Halloween Playlist. However, if you’re feeling frisky, a selection of synthwave and Friday the 13th soundtracks would be more appropriate. Try these:

Friday the 13th (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Friday the 13th The Ultimate Fantasy Playlist

This is Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th: The Ultimate Compilation

Get Bloody

For the cosplayers out there, splash on a little fake blood. Dress up as a camp counselor. Don your best Jason Mask. Maybe drag out some of your severed limb Halloween decorations (yes, I know you have them). Hang some red and orange lights around the room.

Alright fine. I see you in the back there, shaking your head at all the work.  If you’re too lazy for the aforementioned adornments, do me a favor and at least put on one of your many Friday the 13th shirts.

There. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Get Hungry

Food is important. Good food is necessary. Great, themed food is essential. Here, again, you could dip into your Halloween bag of tricks and make some of your favorite nibbles. Maybe wrapped hot dogs that look like severed fingers.

If you can tolerate ketchup on your hot dog.

Or a Friday the 13th “meat” pie (this one is chicken, but you do you).

How about a pizza that looks like Jason’s mask?

Or really anything that looks like Jason’s mask (hamburgers, cookies, cakes).

Despite the utter lack of imagination, no movie marathon/party is complete without cheese and crackers, antipasto, and dips. Sometimes I try to come up with clever names for these foods, like The Final Chowder, Jason Olives, The New Blood Sausage, and Jason Goes to…hummus? Um. Jason Goes to Herring? No, wait. Jason Goes Healthy Veggie Platter.  

Those are all awful, but you get the idea.

Some themed drinks aren’t a bad idea either. Something camping-related would be fun, like a take on s’mores. Maybe this one from Geeks Who Eat.

Get Watching

For the obvious entry, break out your box set of Friday the 13th movies and select your favorites. Unless you want to spend the entire day watching movies and only watching movies, I’d suggest picking two or three (or four or five?) or your favorites to scatter throughout the day.

Get Gaming

If it’s a bit more of a party atmosphere, now might be the time to break out the games, of which there are plenty to choose from these days. There are Friday the 13th video games (NES as well as Xbox/Playstation), and even a board game. Or you can go Friday the 13th adjacent with something like Stupid Deaths or even Cards Against Humanity.

Whatever you choose to do this Friday the 13th, I hope you have a spooky and fun one.

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