Okay, some changes.

I got sick of the pop-ups related to a site that I used to get stuff for my site (such as the counter), so I ditched them. As a result, you will notice that the interactive story is no more. Well, truth be told, I was the only one who ever posted to it, so I figured no one would get too teary-eyed.

Second change is that I have a new counter. A better counter. And no pop-ups. Hurray!

I also added a strange banner at the bottom of the page that may seem to have no immediate function. It may seem this way because, in fact, it really does have no function. It was a banner I created for a serial story I had started writing about one year ago called, “The Movement.” I kinda liked the banner, and thought it might snazz up the joint, so I added it to the bottom. Who knows, maybe I’ll even link it to the segments of story I did write–but not just yet.

Lastly, I finally added my NaNo WriMo participant icon on the sidebar. Yeah me.

So, that’s that.

As far as writing news goes, I resubmitted one of my shorts, “The Plumber.” Hopefully it will have more luck this time around. Also I am still working on my NaNo WriMo Novel, “Tales at Twilight,” this site’s namesake.

I was also thinking of posting some of my academic literary analysis writing, but I didn’t want to bore everyone to death.

Like I’m doing now.

So I’ll stop.


I promise.


3 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. Good luck with the submission of The Plumber.

    Your mention of a serialised story leads me on to my own serialised novel entitled, Dark Seduction which is available to all those who sign up to the newsletter on my website. The first chapter went out on Halloween, and any missed chapters are available in the archives for those who sign up later.

  2. Anthony J. Rapino

    Thanks. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this one. Also, I’ll go siugn up for that newsletter.

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