Coffee Mystery Box: The Black Box

The mysterious coffee themed black box rises from the pumpkin patch that is the most sincere and bestows grand gifts of–

coffee  twilight zone rod mystery subscription box

Okay, maybe not.  But you know me; it’s hard to get my head out of Halloween, even in the middle of winter.  Even so, I have managed to take one of my other obsessions (Mystery Boxes) and unite it with my new coffee website: Grind. Brew. Love.

Go back about three years on this website, and you’ll find a little giveaway I did for a “blog hop.”  The prize for that giveaway was a Halloween Mystery Bag Being that I always loved getting mail and packages as a kid, my full-blown obsession with mystery boxes is probably no surprise.  And as luck would have it, there are others like me out there!  Enough mystery-lovers to sustain growing mystery box businesses like Loot Crate and The Box of Dread.  So advanced is my great love of mystery boxes, that I even shoot unboxing videos of them for my YouTube channel, Horror and Homebrew.

Is it any wonder that I would strive to release my very own Mystery Box into the world?

Introducing the coffee mystery box: The Black Box!

coffee mystery subscription box

Why coffee?  My brother, Mike is a web designer, and he approached me almost a year ago with a proposal.  He said, “My brotha.  How about I design a website and you become the head writer?  Together we are an unstoppable Rapino freight train.”

I replied, “Horror.”

He said, “How about we branch out into something a little different.”

I said, “Horror?”

He said, “No.”

Then it started raining coffee beans and the rest is history.

twilight zone coffee mystery box subscriptionGetting serious for a minute, this first month’s coffee mystery box is very important.  We eventually want to turn this into a subscription box, almost like a coffee of the month club that comes with a bunch of coffee-themed items to boot.  But the reality is that if we don’t do well this first month, turning it into a subscription box becomes much harder if not impossible.

If you’re a fan of mystery boxes, or a coffee lover, or even just curious about this product, give The Black Box a shot.  I know you’ll fall in love with it.  And while your at it, peruse the rest of Grind. Brew. Love.  I’m adding new content daily, and we have a ton more tricks up our sleeves.

twilight zone coffee mystery box subscription