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As some of you already know, I’ve had a couple reviews published with Dark Scribe in the past. Recently, when I showed an interest in continuing to submit reviews, I was offered a freelance position with them as a “contributing scribe.”

Over the weekend my bio was posted on their editorial staff page.

They also published two more of my reviews. The first is a review of S. Boyd Taylor’s story “Teddy Bears and Tea Parties.” You can find his story in the new issue of Chizine.

The second review is of Lisa Morton’s story, “The Devil Came to Mamie’s on Hallowe’en,” found in the new issue of Cemetery Dance.

I should have a steady stream of reviews coming out with Dark Scribe. It’s a great site, so go check it out. It’s much more than just reviews.

7 thoughts on “Dark Scribe Magazine”

  1. Thanks, Anita and Stephanie. It's definitely a cool side thing to do. Hopefully one day someone will be reviewing my novels. 🙂

  2. I read "Teddy Bears and Tea Parties" awhile ago…twisted, lol. So deliciously twisted. Put me off jelly for good, lol.

    I'll have to check out the other one…and your reviews. Cool.

  3. Love the photo…and the hat! You remind me of Morton Rainey (played by Johnny Depp) in the film Secret Window. 😉

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