Do You Remember Me?

It has occurred to me the that some of you may not remember who I am.

Back when I was a nOOb writer with hardly anything published (actually, now that I think of it, not so different from now)  I used a screen name instead of my real name.  I don’t know why exactly.  Maybe it was something about not wanting perspective employers discovering I wrote horror.  Or maybe it was that I wanted a sense of anonymity online because let’s be honest, you’re all psychos and likely to track me down and murder my face.

Whatever the reason, once I started publishing on a slightly more regular basis, it became apparent I had to use my real name if I ever wanted fans (ha!) to find me.

So do you remember me from years ago?  I’m onipar (no cap, just the way I likes it), from the scantily clad blog Tales at Twilight.  Or have I morphed into this Anthony J. Rapino fellow so perfectly that the guise of oni vanished completely?  Here, let me slip out of my beard for a moment so you can get a good look at me.

Familiar?  I hope so, because oni, Anthony J. Rapino, or plain old Tony, I’m the same nutter you’ve known for years.




17 thoughts on “Do You Remember Me?”

  1. Well, since I didn’t know you before, I have nothing to compare to. ‘Same nutter’ or not, it’s a pleasure to know and read you 🙂

  2. Bugger, here I thought you were planning on letting us see what you looked like without the beard, goatee maybe…but no…

    Um, stalker fan now, not so during your AOL days. Didn’t even know you then, but at least I can now say I knew him when. No doubt you will make a mark with your writing. Glad I came onboard before you got too busy for fans. (Hugs)Indy

    P.S. Bored much with the heat, I moaned in your mail.

  3. I think I caught up with you during your transition. I think you’ve distinguished yourself really well into horror. I used a screen name too. Still keep it only because she’s much more fun.

  4. How could I ever forget that your onipar. I actually used the Way Back Machine to take a stroll down WriterBuddy lane. Didn’t get to see much of the website ruins but it was still nice. Question is do you remember what my screen name was back in the day?

    1. Oh no, that’s fighting dirty! 😛 You’ve been Andrea and sthrnwriter for so long now, I don’t think I can remember your name from back then. What was it?

    1. I always used my real name with the published stories, but I used “onipar” for pretty much *all* of my networking online: my blog, writing forums, etc.

  5. Ha – I got the lecture on the name thing. Fortunately for me most people know both my names

    wishing you the best with your writing – gr8 to meet a fellow writer who is striving to be better known

  6. I knew you then and I know you know and the transition was seamless.

    I was catephoenix when I first crept onto the internet because I’d read all the horror stories as to how you should stay anonymous on line. Now, half my contacts have my address. Oops!

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