Easter Eggs and News

I have at least three hidden features on this site, two are cartoons that I made, and one is a picture page of my drawings. Think of them as little Easter eggs. Have fun.

Just a quick update on works in progress.

I am very near completion of “Retired,” which I plan to send out to Dark Wisdom sometime this weekend. I also just started a new story entitled, “The Hair of the Dog,” and no, it’s not about what you think.

Nothing else in the works. I recently sent a query out about a story that has been submitted for over 3 months. I hope to hear back soon. Other than that, just keeping my fingers crossed for the many submissions out in the world.

Don’t forget:

My story, “The Plumber,” is set to release on March 24th in Devil’s Work (issue 1.11). Use the link on the sidebar to sign up (free).