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Hey everybody. Okay, this is apparently the real deal, and it is really easy and free.

Here’s the deal: there’s this website that you do ONE free offer with, and then all you have to do is convince 12 friends to follow your referral link to do the same thing.

I already did the one offer: seriously, it’s legit. I did the offer, which is basically 1 month of service for free, plus five dollars of postage for free and a free scale. Just cancel membership within that month, and you never pay a dime.

Now, if I can just convince 12 of you to do this too, I’ll get $550. You can choose cash or game consoles or mp3 players…or a whole bunch of other stuff.

I know you’re probably used to seeing those “get a free mp3 player” sites where you have to do all of these offers that actually cost you money, but this isn’t one of them.

Anyway, if you feel like helping me out, just click the link below, sign up, and do a free offer (I suggest the one, but there are other good ones too). It takes like 5 minutes all said and done. Let me know if you do it, so I can thank you.

Follow this link:

Thanks all!

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  1. Anthony J. Rapino

    Thanks Abdou. I do encourage anyone thinking of helping out to read the terms and conditions anyway.

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