Good thing there’s Twitter.

I almost named this post, “Thank God for Twitter,” and immediately scrapped it. I wouldn’t want to imply that I think Twitter is heavenly. Besides, if God created the world in seven days, Twitter would have been a sneeze. But I digress.

I’m glad there’s a Twitter because when I lapse into anti-blog mode, which I’m known to do, I still have that nifty “Twitter Update” device over on the right side of the blog ——–>

That way at least the two or three people who stop by know I haven’t croaked. They’ll see my last tweet, “I’ve got the bacon sweats,” or “2 x 2 = murder,” or “The sweetest sound on Earth is a thump in my trunk,” and know that I’m alive and well. “Well” in the physical sense, and not necessarily mentally.

It’s like a placeholder. “Out to lunch.”

Keeping you informed of my whereabouts 140 characters at a time.

Speaking of keeping you informed, I’ve been hard at work lately. I finished writing a new story called “Just Once More, Little Sister.” Yeah, I know. The title creeps you out and makes you think it’s about something extremely nasty. Well, it’s not. Or, it is, but not what you think.

I sent out a couple more stories to some magazines. Put out a few more queries as well. I like having lots of papers floating around the ether. Makes those lazy days feel constructive knowing submissions are being considered.

Or not.

5 thoughts on “Good thing there’s Twitter.”

  1. Good luck with your submissions. I've been a bit lax again lately but I have got something I want to send off…it's just finding the right market….

  2. Thanks Ben, I added you as well.

    Hey, Akasha. Thanks much. Yeah, finding the right market is tough. Sometimes I just send it off and hope for the best. Maybe not the best approach, but I do it.

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