Halloween Radio

I usually like to post links to some different online Halloween radio stations once October hits. This year is no different:

Halloween Radio

Spooky October Radio

Shoutcast Top Halloween Radio


Corresponding to the NeverEndingWonder Halloween Empire page, check out this announcement: “Every year for the month of October NeverEndingWonder.com broadcasts three Halloween radio stations.

2010 is our TENTH year on the air! We’re celebrating by giving away PRIZES every day in October! To see what prizes we have lined up, or if you would like to donate a prize, please see our PRIZE PAGE!”


And why not take a look at my past posts on the subject. There’s sure to be plenty stations to choose from:

2007 Halloween Radio Post

2009 Halloween kickoff post.

2009 second radio post.


4 thoughts on “Halloween Radio”

  1. I don't really listen to online radio stations mostly because of my decrepit computer, but I love spooky music.

  2. Andrea, yeah, a crappy computer will kill any fun you might get from internet radio. 🙁

    Thanks, Kara. I meme'd it up.

  3. One thousands thanks for the Halloween radio stations!! I love online radio, as well as Halloween. And everything about fall and October, as you mentioned in your last post. So I will definately be jamming to some of these sations now 😀

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