Halloween Radio 2012

Am I doing some kind of Halloween countdown this year?  Will I post every day of October with new and wonderful Halloween goodness?  Will I strip naked and dance beneath the light of a full moon while singing the monster mash?

There’s just no telling.

But what I can stay is like every other year, I’ll give it the old college try–to post every day, not to dance naked.  Perverts.

Today I’d like to rehash one of the most popular topics on my site come October:  Free Halloween Radio Stations.

First, I am employed in the sad occupation of announcing that my favorite station–Uncle Ozma’s NeverEndingWonder Radio–is no more.  This will be the first October in years without a trip to Weirdsville, but I’ll try not to cry, because we do still have a few options to take up the slack.

http://www.halloweenradio.net/ is my new top choice, with four different stations, a cool little pop-up player, and a very nice website.  Plus, I’m partial to their tagline: Every Halloween We Make You Scream.   Another important aspect to HalloweenRadio.net is that the quality of the music is top notch (for free streaming audio).

From last year’s radio list, I’ll add these two favorites:

This site lists top Halloween radio stations being listed to (including those previously mentioned): http://www.shoutcast.com/radio/Halloween 

Finally there is http://www.halloweenradio.com/ .  It’s a pretty basic site, but they do take requests.

For a new addition this year, I’m linking to an about.com article that has a few more station links that I haven’t had time to listen to yet.

Until next time, you crazy October-lovers.

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