Happy Easter

Well, we’re getting pretty close to Easter. I’m wondering if I should color eggs this year. There isn’t any real reason to do so, other than the fact that it’s sort of fun. I’d like to make little creature eggs this year. Nothing like embedding Halloween in everything I do.

Okay, so did you click on the picture and wonder why it’s linked to what it’s linked to?

Yeah, sorry about that. Just a little Easter surprise I guess. It’s for a contest I’m doing. For every person that clicks the link, I get 10 points. I figured it was worth throwing it up here, on the old blog.

In Horror news…well, there is none I guess. I’ve been working on reviews that should be available soon. And I’m waiting on submission reports.

I’ve had a good handful of rejections in the past couple weeks. But that’s about it. Bye bye for now.

5 thoughts on “Happy Easter”

  1. I haven't dyed eggs in a LONG while. Although it doesn't keep certain members of my family from giving me some kind of plastic mechanical device that poops chocolate. Gotta love Easter.

  2. Dying eggs is always fun, do it, it won't hurt 😀

    Good luck with your submissions and your reviews!

    Take care.

  3. I haven't dyed eggs for years, since my daughter was little, she's a stroppy sixteen now and all things like that are beneath her! Do it…it will be fun, make sure if you do you post pictures!

  4. Thanks K. and Akasha! I think I'll dye eggs. 🙂

    Got some good news coming. Stay tuned.

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