Happy Friday the 13th

The blood streaming down my arm tells me it’s Friday the 13th again, and time for a quick post before I bleed out. Not to worry, folks. It’s not a mortal wound. Just a little tasty taste for the demons of the day.

My cat, Jerry, seems to have picked up the scent. He just hopped onto my lap for a lap. Ha! Lap for a lap. That was either really funny, or I’ve lost more blood than I thought.

Oh, definitely the latter. Jerry said so.

Anyway, I could not let the day pass without a quick post to say Happy Friday the 13th! I hope you all have strange encounters with black cats followed by near-death experiences that leave you happy to be alive. We could all use such motivation every now and then.

Celebrate with a horror movie marathon and lots of booze. Maybe red wine is appropriate.

Have a great day. And watch your step.

8 thoughts on “Happy Friday the 13th”

  1. well, since I happen to own a black (a very fine black cat, I might add) I will most definitely encounter him, though whether it will be a strange encounter will depend upon his mood. I will pass on the near death experience (trust me, I don't need it to be happy I'm alive)but I will take your advice on the booze and have myself a little drinkipoo. Cheers 🙂

  2. Hey, glad you all survived! 😀

    Mshatch, enjoy the drink.

    Aaron, poor Leatherface is always left out.

    E., Sorry to hear that, but it may be better you don't have a black cat on your tail. Ha! I kill me.

    K., Thanks! Glad you liked. And no problem.

  3. Onipar, thanks for my award for being strange; I'm truly flattered. But…I never know how to get logo's on to my blog! I've tried every way I can think of and nothing ever works!! Any tips?
    Talking of strange: my eldest son was born on Friday 13th – spooky…


  4. I know someone who would approve of the red wine idea. Highly. My husband. LOL. Hope your "wound" wasn't too messy. 😉

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