If you’re a writer, reader, or value your free time…

…don’t buy an HDTV!

Listen to Uncle Tony, kids. This will be the best advice you’re bound to get this Christmas season. Stay the hell away from HDTV’s. They will suck your time away like a vampire sucks blood. And if you have to get an HDTV, please, do NOT purchase a TIVO. And if you just can’t do without TIVO, please, for the love of God, do NOT buy a gaming console!

You’ll listen to me, right? With all the technological possibilities flooding the consumer market, you can resist the temptation to buy into a high resolution home theater system that looks crisper than reality…right!?

Because your imagination is crisper yet…isn’t it?

You have to listen to me, because I’m speaking to you from my own personally dug electronic grave. A new HDTV and PS3 plugged directly into my skull. I tried to disconnect; I yanked at the wires, but they were too deep.

Learn from my mistake.

9 thoughts on “If you’re a writer, reader, or value your free time…”

  1. Anita Marie Moscoso

    This one leaves on my e-mail train tonight.

    You know…just doing my part to look out for my fellow humans.

  2. Sometimes I go back and read these posts, and I realize that I should really edit them. Or at least proofread them. God I’m getting lazy.

  3. This advice is a little late for me. We don’t have the PS3, but we do have a DVD recorder. Need I say more?

    Let me know if you find a support group. I’d look for one, but I’m too busy watch episodes of CSI and Stargate.

  4. …and blogging! I spend too much time reading other peoples blogs when I should be concentrating on my writing. 😉

  5. Hope, still looking for that support group. But then I’d have to actually go! No way.

    Same here, Akasha. That’s it. I’m going to finish this novel. Tonight.

  6. We have the HDTV but never sprung for that rather expensive cable that you need to connect it up. With just an ordinary connection we should be okay.

  7. You said it, Scott.

    Steve, my friend actually gave me those HDMI cables for free. I think if you search around, you can find them cheap. As to their quality however, I couldn’t say.

  8. Most tv stations have hdtv segments to them now with their antenna or over the air or whatever it’s called. They’re usually much weaker than the analog…for now, so it’s hard to get a signal that’s steady. I think it’s next year sometime–maybe 2009–when they are supposed to be 100% digital. All their power can go through them then, I guess.

    I will watch the TV Guide channel if all else fails. I know I do better work when it’s off, but it’s like exercise: you know it makes you feel better afterwards, but that doesn’t make it any easier to pick up those weights or head down that 5-mile trail, knowing that when you’ve gone halfway, you’ve got halfway to go to get back to…what else? The TV. Or the DVR.

    One writer I know–one who gets paid well to write stories–rents a cottage by the sea with no cable, tv, or radio. Gets his stuff done in a couple of months.

    The writing is on the wall.

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