It’s Almost Here!

Tomorrow is Halloween.

I spent my day preparing for tomorrow. I carved my jack o’ lantern, made some candies, roasted pumpkin seeds, and prepared the pumpkin puree. But most importantly, I took some time out to chill with a big bowl of chocolate covered popcorn and peanuts, and my pumpkin seeds, while watching my favorite Halloween cartoons. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and Garfield’s Halloween Adventure.

Here’s the best song from Garfield’s special (It’s really the second half of the clip, but the entire clip is good):

Garfield’s Halloween

Here’s one of my favorite parts of the Great Pumpkin:

Charlie Brown gets ripped off!

Hope you enjoy those clips.

I’ll post some pics of my jack o lantern and other goodies tomorrow. As for right now, i want to get as many horror movies in as I can. There just ain’t enough time in the day. Know what I mean?

Happy Halloween!

3 thoughts on “It’s Almost Here!”

  1. You sure do know how to celebrate Halloween, I’m going to follow your lead next year.

    Now…got some Hallows stuff to do

    Have fun
    anita marie

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