I’ve Been a Bad Blogger

No news may be good news, but it’s also no blog posts.

There is very little happening here at Rapino headquarters these days.  I just started teaching my summer class, and I was recently offered a new class that I will be building from the ground up with a fellow professor, so time is short as of late.

Writing has had to take a back seat, or if I’m being honest, it has remained in the back seat.  I had a couple projects that I was looking forward to completing, but neither of them got done.

Summer is supposed to be my productive writing time.  It’s supposed to be when I can go out hiking, hit the farmers market, have a light breakfast, and still have all day to write.  Instead, I’ve been waking into a hellish world of 100 degree mornings, where I’m slicked over with sweat by midday, and ready to pass out by early evening.  I need cool weather.  I need autumn.

Still, today is not as hot, and barring any sudden turns for the worse, I think a full day of writing is in my future.  A tall glass of iced coffee, a blank screen begging for letters to traipse across its back, and a cool breeze coming through my window.  That, my dear friends, sounds like heaven.

So I will take my leave, in search of this silver-lined cloud.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been a Bad Blogger”

  1. I don’t envy you. I used to teach outdoor classes, run summer camps, give guitar lessons during the summer, and it got to be too much — but the money was good. Hope you were able to create new worlds with words. Full days of writing are always good.

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