Marvel Zombies

I picked up on this comic from reading Dark But Shining. As an on-and-off fan of comics, the zombie connection certainly caught my interest. I immediately ordered the first issue of the comic. The art is pretty damn good, but I had some problems with the story.

I guess comic story-lines always bothered me a bit since I am a writer and like the words to tell the story (which I realize isn’t the way comics are set up). But putting that observation aside, the way the marvel characters acted was not the way zombies should act. For one, they talk, reason, and are aware of their zombification. For two, (to stay in my elementary school mind-set), Thor’s head and brain was cut in half, yet he lived.

Okay, okay. I’m being a horror fan geek. Should I let it drop and assume that super heros are effected differently when bitten by a zombie? I guess I’ll have to.

Considering my problems with the story and the many departures from classic zombie roles the characters take, Will I still buy the next issue of the zombie miniseries? You betcha. I can’t help it–the art is so cool.

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