Midnight Road Contest winners Announced

That’s right, the winners have been announced. Out of a total 57 entries, 5 winners and 3 honorable mentions were chosen. The first place winner, ELISHA BRIDGES, also took home the reader’s choice award.

I am happy to announce that I received an honorable mention for my piece, “I See the Light”

Check out the other winners announcement and the pieces HERE.

4 thoughts on “Midnight Road Contest winners Announced”

  1. Congrats Anthony. That was a hard fought contest. You did well the get an honorable mention. Man, when I read Elisha’s entry I just knew…

  2. Anthony, your story was really outstanding. I agree with Scott that “Jimmy Crick,” the double winner, was a stand out among winners, but the rest of the top 8 were all incredibly powerful and superbly written. You really should be proud!

  3. Anthony J. Rapino

    Thank you both. Yes, I knew when I read “Jimmy Crick” that it was a winner. The voice in that story set it apart, and the story being told was too powerful to be ignored.

    I also agree that all the pieces were great. I can’t wait till the next contest.

  4. I feel so proud yours made it among the top picks, Oni. It was excellently written and hard to ignore. You are soon going to collect a lot of publishing credits.


    ~ Sury

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