My New Horror Audio Book REALITY ENGINEERS Available this Halloween

In today’s post: REALITY ENGINEERS cover reveal, preorder information and official release date, FREE preorder bonus, and Braaaaaiiiinsssss.

There have been many updates on the In Ear Entertainment website about my new horror audio book REALITY ENGINEERS, and I thought it only right that I scream a bit about my new release as well.

The cover

The insanely talented Michelle Harvey (who also designed the cover for EXQUISITE DEATH) has been nice enough to keep me in the loop as her designs progressed from sketch to final design.  I can say, without hesitation, that the art she produces is second to none.  I love it, and I know you will too.  So, without further delay, I give you Reality Engineers.

Reality Engineers Cover

Preorder: Just in time for Halloween!

big-bird-ish reality engineersWhile the official release date for Reality Engineers isn’t until Sunday October 27th, you can preorder my new audio book NOW!  Why would you bother to preorder?  I’m glad you asked!



FREE Preorder Gifts!

Satan reality engineersIf you preorder now, you will receive an exclusive postcard featuring one of Michelle Harvey’s sketches!  This is a physical gift that you will receive in the mail (I always feel the need to specify such things in this digital age of free downloads).  Not only that, but you will also be allowed to download the audio book as soon as it becomes available, which I’m told will very likely be before the official release date!


Reality Engineers

eviscerated reality engineersAt this point you’re probably wondering just what this horror audio book is about.  Before I hit you with the synopsis, some exciting news for my fans:  This novella takes place in the Moon Hill universe.  In fact, I consider Reality Engineers  the second book in the unofficial Moon Hill Trilogy!  “Unofficial” because each book will be standalone, not to mention released in a different format.  The first installment was Welcome to Moon Hill, a short story collection.  This second book is of course an audio book novella.  And the final book will be a full length novel, which I am currently working on.

While these three installments are standalone and can be consumed individually, those of you who have read Welcome to Moon Hill will be in for a special treat, as you will reconnect with some old friends, revisit familiar locales, and experience a deeper connection to the mysterious town of Moon Hill.

What can you expect from Reality Engineers?

Have you ever wanted the ability to alter the world around you? To have the very nature of existence bend to your whims? Have you ever been to Moon Hill? This great horror novella, set in the Anthony J Rapino’s Moon Hill universe is filled with strange manifestations, odd happenings and not-so-random chance encounters. It’s time for you to visit Moon Hill.

Before I go, I believe I promised you some brains.

Pumpkin Brains