The Madness Video Nasty Week One Summary 

As many of you know, I’ve joined up to play a Halloween Horror Movie Marathon game called The Madness, wherein I receive points for watching horror movies and go up against other horror fans doing the same.  The point system is borderline confusing, but there are judges to help us along.  What you find below is the list of movies, complete with mini-reviews, that I consumed during the first week of the competition.

I will be rating these television shows and movies on the Rotten Corpse scale, where zero rotten corpses means I hated it and five rotten corpses means I loved it…because five rotten corpses are better than none!


HAVEN / Netflix / 4 episodes, 42 Mins each (168 mins)

3 Rotten corpses

I don’t love it, I don’t hate it.  It has that standard syfy tv vibe to it, but it’s something to stare at when I’m not awake enough for a full length movie.  My justification for this one is that it’s based on the Stephen King novella THE COLORADO KID, and it has many speculative elements.


ROSANNE: “Boo” / DVD / 30 mins

5 Rotten Corpses

I love me some Halloween TV, and this one does not disappoint.  I’ll watch the rest of this DVD before the end of October.


INSEMINOID / Download / 1 hour 31 mins

3 Rotten Corpses

This is what I hope is the first of my super secret bonus views for #2 on the list.  It was a decent movie with some ties to Alien I thought.


BLOOD FEAST / Download / 1 hour 7 mins

1 Rotten Corpse

#12 on the super secret bonus list?  I’ve actually seen this movie before, but it was so bad, that I didn’t *remember* seeing it until I started watching it again.  It’s almost enjoyably bad, but becomes a chore to sit through.  Though, I do love laughing at the actors’ performances in this.


THE SIMPSONS “Treehouse of Horrors XXIV” / TV / 30 mins

2 Rotten Corpses

I hate to say it, but the couch gag, directed by Guillermo del Toro, was by far the best thing about this episode.


FAMILY GUY “Vestigial Peter” / TV / 30 mins

4 Rotten Corpses

While not a straight up Halloween episode, the vestigial twin growing from Peter’s neck was reminiscent of THE THING WITH TWO HEADS, and certainly had the weird factor going for it.


BOB’s BURGERS (Halloween episode) / TV /30 mins

4 Rotten Corpses

A good old fashioned Halloween episode.  This show has been growing on me.


AMERICAN DAD “Poltergasm” / TV / 30 mins

4 Rotten Corpses

I enjoyed this one a lot too.  The ties to Poltergeist were many and well done.


BLOOD SUCKING FREAKS / Download / 1 hour 28 mins

3 Rotten Corpses

#13 on the super secret bonus list?  I had seen this one before (and forgotten it) as well.  It’s a fun ride with lots of nudity and cannibalism!  Good golly, that last freeze frame.  Ouch.



4 Rotten Corpses

I love this show and hope this season is even better!


AMERICAN MARY / DVD / 103 mins

4 Rotten Corpses

Who doesn’t love a good revenge via modification surgery movie.


MARTYRS / DVD / 99 mins

5 Rotten Corpses

Wow.  I was told to watch this one a while ago, and I can’t believe it took me this long.  #9 on the super secret bonus list.


That does it for this week!  See you next week!