New Halloween Article

Free to read on Retro-Daze

As we head into the final two weeks of the October (AKA the greatest time of year), it occurs to me that I have been relatively silent here. Sure, I’ve been posting like a maniac over on my Instagram and Twitter pages, but my poor old website has suffered in obscurity. To remedy the issue, I’ve written a new Halloween article called “The Halloween Superstore,” and while it is not available here, you can read it for free on

While I have you, purchases of my novels are always welcome, especially during this spooky time of year. There’s the reprint of my novel Soundtrack to the End of the World, which follows a group of friends dealing with perhaps the strangest zombie apocalypse ever. Or, you can grab a copy of my short story collection, Greetings from Moon Hill, which is lightly dusted with a fine candy corn powder of Halloween atmosphere. At the end of the collection, you even get a full novella called Reality Engineers, which revels in cosmic absurdity.

Finally, I’d like to again point out my newest release, a short story called “The Black Door,” which appears is in Liminal Spaces. From the editor, Kevin Lucia:

Many become mired in drug addiction thru the promise that chemicals open minds to new thoughts & perceptions. But what if a drug could LITERALLY open doors to other worlds? Anthony J. Rapino tempts us with what lies beyond “The Black Door.”

Have a great October!