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I usually like to post when I add any new links. If you refer to my previous post “Another rejection” and go to the comment box, you will see a response from one, Benjamin Solah.

I went to check his blog out, and it has lots of cool info and features. It links back to his homepage too.

One other thing is that he seems to have strong political influence in his writing. So that will either piss you off or make you cheer for him, and whatever it does do, it will evoke emotion–and that’s good.

SO, enough of that. Go see for yourself:

Benjamin Solah

1 thought on “New Link”

  1. Benjamin Solah

    Thanks for the plug, for both my own site and the carnival’s.

    Yes, the politics definitely add something to the writing. At first, it was hard to come to terms with mixing the two because I was a pacifist, but now, it’s helping me so much and the heart is in it so much more.

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