October Rejections


It’s always nice when, by some stroke of luck, numerous editors decide to send you rejections on the same day. I’m not saying that there’s a vast publisher conspiracy to barrage unsuspecting writers with a storm of rejection slips within hours of each other in the hopes of discouraging said writers from ever again putting pen to paper.

I’m not saying that at all.

I am saying that it totally sucks when this bizarre coincidence occurs.

I received two rejections today. One from Down in the Cellar, which took close to a month and proffered no criticism. They did ask that I send future work, but I suspect it was a form letter.

The second rejection was out about 23 days and came from Chizine. I absolutely love this magazine, and I swear, I will break in one day!

The rejection letter from Chizine was fairly detailed and filled with comments and suggestions for ways to rewrite the story. They also mentioned some authors to read that would help illustrate said criticisms.

The comments were pretty harsh, but informative. And the letter closed out by, once again, asking for my future work, which is always nice.

I thought I’d post this last link for those sadistic writers who aren’t happy reading only their own rejections. Some of the rejections are funny. It’s worth a gander.

The Rejection Collection


5 thoughts on “October Rejections”

  1. All at once huh? That sucks. Talking of detailed rejection letters. Have you ever had one from ClarkesWorld? I always get really ‘detailed’ ones from them.

  2. Steve:

    If I think about it, I could probably come up with worse days.

    Yes, I have gotten rejections (2) from ClarkesWorld. And yes, they were both very “detailed.”

    And YES, I can think of one or two reasons you put quotation marks around detailed, but we’ll just pretend you did it for emphasis.

  3. Get back up on the horse there, Onipar! You will crack Chizine, and when you do I will subscribe/buy it!!!!


  4. Thanks Clyde. I’ll keep on keeping on.

    Yeah, Steve. Gotta love multi-functioning punctuation. 🙂

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