Only 300 Words?

Yes, it would seem only 300 new words have been added to my novel. The truth is, I cut over a thousand words from it (finding a whole chapter that needed to be discarded), and so I only have a gain of 300 words.

It’s kind of depressing when you think about it. I slaughtered a whole paragraph. Killed the poor thing in cold blood.

It squealed ever so slightly when I did it. I think it was trying to strike a bargain with me.

“Let me live and I’ll make it worth your while…”

But I let no more exit it’s word-toothed mouth, as sweet sounding as those words were.

Tonight, I mourn.

6 thoughts on “Only 300 Words?”

  1. Benjamin Solah

    I’ve cut whole paragraphs from my novel too. It hurts, but there’s always the excitement when you start over and replace those words.

  2. Anthony J. Rapino

    Very true, only these words will not be re-written. I decided to cut this particular character’s POV from the book. It gave too much away–took mystery out of the story.

    Salright–all part of the process.

  3. I’d say you gained a lot more than just words. Cutting the wrong ones can be a hell of a lot better than creating more. If I read something that I don’t like, I don’t continue. You did well to be so honest with yourself.

  4. Glad someone was successful at getting something accomplished in the writing world. I had an entire day off yesterday and all I managed was 300-400 words. Total. On a short story. Granted it’s one I’ve already written (8300 words in the original version) and that I’ve scrapped and changed just about everything but the basic idea, but still. Wish I’d been a bit more productive.

  5. Anthony J. Rapino

    Many people would consider that very productive.

    There are so many different approaches to writing, there is no telling what is and isn’t productive.

    For instance, some people (like myself) write until the words stop coming. That means some days I can write 3,000 words, and other days I can write 10. I don’t force it.

  6. briliantdonkey

    I think it was Stephen King in “On writing” that came up with the rule(or maybe quoted it from someone else) “you have to be willing to kill your babies”. Often easier said than done, but usually the right choice. Great blog btw.


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