Rejections and Bread

It seems that all of my recent posts have been about rejections and bread.

Guess what. This one is no different.

So, I had a couple of rejections. One was from Raven Electrick for an old piece that I thought I would try sending out again. I think there were other rejections, but I can’t remember right now.

I did send out a bunch of new submissions, so hopefully I’ll have good news soon. I still have a piece being held by Doorways Magazine, so maybe that will pan out. I’m also waiting to hear back about a fellowship that I entered which would pay for me to go to a week-long workshop in Oregon.
So, this weekend I baked a few things. First I made some cranberry lemon scones. These came out great and were a nice snack to have with my coffee.

Then I decided that I wanted something else to go with breakfast, and I decided on some raisin cinnamon bread. It wasn’t too tough to make and it came perfect. I toasted some oats on top just for extra texture.

By this point I started feeling guilty for neglecting my poor sourdough starter. I’ve been trying to take him out of the fridge every weekend for his feeding, and I figure I might as well bake with him while I’m at it. This week, considering my unintended breakfast theme, I went with sourdough english muffins. I didn’t photograph the proofing, sponge, or dough stages, but I did snap a few after cutting out the shapes.

You might notice some brown specks in the dough. That’s just some wheat flour. I decided during the last feeding to add some wheat instead of white to the starter.

To my surprise, I found out that english muffins aren’t baked in the oven, but in a skillet. And I’m not really sure you could call it baking at all.

The english muffins also came out great. They had a nice tang due to the overnight ferment, but they weren’t overpowering because the dough has milk and honey in it. It was nice to have a Sunday morning variety.

Now, back to writing.

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  1. You seem to be getting the hang of the new camera. Digital cameras have got to be one of the best inventions in years.

    Anyway I’ve come over all hungry now, for some reason, so gotta go and hunt out some food.

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