Scares That Care Presents Authorcon II

I apologize for the late post this month, but I just got back from the intense, overwhelming, satisfying, and exciting experience of vending my first major convention, which took place in Virginia this past weekend. This was the longest trip I’ve taken in a long time, and I’d been fairly nervous leading up to it.

I was incredibly lucky to have my good friends Todd and Erica Keisling there to guide me with words of encouragement throughout the stay, and frankly, without Todd I wouldn’t have attended at all. Todd was there to introduce me to writers I’d likely have been too nervous to approach on my own. Moreover, he took it upon himself to tell his readers about me as they left his table, encouraging them to check out my work. I owe a lot to him for this weekend, and count him as one of my best friends. Let me take this opportunity to point you in his direction, if you’ve somehow never read Devil’s Creek or any of Todd’s other work, you’re missing out.

There were so many high points to this weekend, to tell you about them all would take far too long. We had many delicious meals at a variety of restaurants, fun nights at the bar, and long days working the tables. I was able to meet a ton of writers I’ve previously only known through social media as well as writers I’d not known at all. One of the highlights was getting to hang out with the gregarious Rob Ottone (who drove all the way from Long Island to hang out with us for a single night). He has a wonderful newsletter right here on Substack that you should subscribe to.

I also finally got to meet my good friend and fellow writer Nikki Nelson-Hicks at the convention after years of talking online. Again, please check out her work!

The drive was long, the days busy, and the preparing difficult, but in the end it was an exceptional experience that I’m glad I made time for. Rather than continue to repost pictures from the trip, follow me on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook where you can find them.

Now that it’s all over, I had time to go through my boxes of merchandise and am happy to tell you there are still a limited number of sculptures and books left. I’m listing whatever is leftover on my website shop if anyone is interested. There are both sculptures and books left, including the eyeball monster magnets, necronomicon magnets, Devil’s Creek Idols, and all three of my books (signed). Additionally, I’m offering a special “post show” book bundle deal so you can grab all three of my books for $40 + $5ish shipping.

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As I sit here typing, I know I’m forgetting a lot of what I wanted to say about this weekend in Virginia, but I suppose this has to end some time. Thanks to all of you who continue to subscribe and read these newsletters, and I hope to see you at a future event.