Summer Splash Blog Hop: Win a Kindle Fire

Greetings and salutations, lovely peoples of the interweb.  How goes it?  I do hope you replied “swimmingly,” as that’s today’s secret word!

Wait…not so secret anymore, is it.  I’ve gone and spoiled everything again.

Now, Tony, don’t get so down on yourself.  It could have happened to anybody.  Chin up, big guy.  Turn that frown upside down.  The grass is always greener on the other side.  Three apples in the mouth is one in the cider press.  The first to scream is the first to lose a finger.  Twelve whippings for every one retort.

Every positive has its negative.

Gee, thanks other Tony.  I feel much better, but  some of those sayings were a little creepy…

…speaking of positives, how’s this for a positive?  You, my friendly readers, have the chance to win one of SIX amazing grand prizes (Including TWO Kindle Fires) through the main blog hop, and an additional chance of 75 other prizes through the individual participating authors (including me)!

I will post all of the required info for the grand prizes below, but first, my giveaway:

Since I absolutely love me a good surprise, I’m giving away a positively stuffed mystery bag.  If you’ve been involved in my giveaways in the past, you know I put all manner of goodies inside these things, so you don’t want to miss out.

In addition to the big giveaway, I’m also offering FREE copies of my short story collection, Welcome to Moon Hill, for anyone who purchases any version of my debut novel, Soundtrack to the End of the World.  You can order the hardcover, paperback, or ebook version, and get the free Moon Hill ebook.  All you have to do is email your recipet/purchase confirmation to horrorwritercontest AT gmail DOT com.

By purchasing any of my books, you can also gain extra entries into the giveaway, as explained below.  To enter for a chance to win the MYSTERY BAG, simply fill out the Rafflecoptor entry form.  Good luck!

EDIT:  Also worth noting, if you’ve already purchased my books, or already follow me on the various social sites, you are still eligible for the entries.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


And here’s the information on how to win the grand prizes, as well as enter the other 75 contests!!!

Welcome to the 2012 Summer Splash Blog Hop, brought to you by the writers of Indie Writers Unite.  There’s all kinds of swag to be won as well as some amazing grand prizes (see below for grand prize information)

Each writer will be hosting their own giveaway on their blogs and offering their own prizes in addition to the grand prizes.  Click HERE to start hopping the author pages.

Want a teaser of some of the items up for grabs on the author pages?
Click HERE.

As the for the grand prizes, there are six.  What are they?







Visit the GRAND PRIZES page for more details…



TWEET USING THE HASHTAG #SUMMERHOPIt’s that simple.  We’ll keep track of all the tweets and then draw for the grand-prize winners at the end of the hop.  Winners will be announced on August 1st.


Tweets MUST include the hashtag #summerhop (This is how we track them)

Tweets MUST include a link to the blog hop.

You are free to tweet as much as you want throughout the hop.
More Tweets = More Chances to WIN!!!

***As a side note, our authors will be tweeting about the hop as well, but they are not eligible for any of the grand prizes.***

Here are some sample tweets you can cut/paste:

WIN Kindle Fires, Amazon gift cards and more at the #summerhop  #freekindle #free #giveaway #win

WIN FREE SWAG at the author #summerhop prizes include two kindle fires! #freekindle #free #giveaway #win

WIN more than 75 prizes at the author #summerhop include two kindle fires! #freekindle #free #giveaway #bloghop

WIN BIG at the author blog hop. More than 75 prizes including 2 kindle fires!  #summerhop #bloghop @freekindlefire


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  1. Just a comment ’cause Tony said I had to. Ha ha! ;-P I won’t tell anyone about that homebrewed stuff, but I’m in Canada, and if I win. . . not sure how the border cops are gonna feel about that. ;-P

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