Thanksgiving Music

It’s nothing like Christmas music. The radios aren’t barraged by a limitless frenzy of Thanksgiving tunes weeks before the big day. In fact, if anything, we start hearing Christmas music leading up to Thanksgiving.

This year, I thought I’d try to find a few Thanksgiving songs to create a nice CD to play on Thanksgiving day. While searching, I figured something out: Thanksgiving music is LAME!

Oh my. It’s just so bad. This is the first list of Thanksgiving songs I came across. Barring two or three songs, the rest are just awful:

Thanksgiving Playlist

Otis Redding: Effin’ great, of course.
Sly and the Family Stone: Diddo
Vince Guaraldi Trio: They will always have a place in my heart.

But the rest? Ugh.

Now, there is at least one song that I listen to every year, and it has become a Thanksgiving tradition, not only for my family, but for many. This song is Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant.”

They used to play it every year on the radio, and maybe some stations still do. But more often than not, I just pop in the CD at a convenient time during the hours of cooking.

If you’re interested, here’s a video of Arlo, in his older days, performing the famous song:

Alice’s Restaurant

There’s also the movie. I actually just added it to my netflix queue. That’ll be a nice Thanksgiving day viewing.

Do you have any traditional music you like to listen to on Thanksgiving? Let me know.

If I get enough songs, maybe I can still make that CD.

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  1. We don’t have Thanksgiving here in the UK, so I just did a quick websearch to check what it celebrates. I think the closest thing that we have would be a harvest festival. I remember those from school. They are a stranger to me now that I am an adult though.

    Have a good one Tony.

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