The Halloween Club

candy corn hazardous material halloween icon

Ever since I started sculpting, I have wanted to create a throwback to the mail-in kids’ club packages I remember from the 80s and 90s.  Those, now nostalgic, sign-ups we’d send in–sometimes with box tops, sometimes with Kool-Aid stamps or product labels–which resulted in a surprise package at our doorsteps.

These boxes would contain all manner of pop culture goodies, often including newsletters and membership cards, and creating a pocket universe where we were part of something greater.  A dimension separate from weekdays in the classroom and evenings with homework.  A world filled with Nintendo, Ghostbusters, and Tales from the Crypt.  A place where every day was Halloween, and at any moment I might be contacted by Freddy Krueger himself.

These are the memories and feelings I have poured into the creation of The Candy Corn Apocalypse Army.  Our very own Halloween Club.

Candy Corn Apocalypse Halloween Club Shirt


I have spent many months thinking over every aspect of this membership package, and the first thing I decided was this: there is no subscription fee.  This is a one-time purchase of a jam-packed box of Horror and Halloween goodies.  A veritable trick or treat bag.

The second thing I knew I had to do was create an ongoing connection with the members.  This is where the official membership card comes in.  Printed on the back of this card, there is a secret QR code that, when scanned, will bring you to a hidden, password protected webpage.  It is here I will send you secret messages, provide exclusive coupon codes, run member-only giveaways, and more!  This part of the Halloween Club, I am VERY excited about, and it will no doubt evolve exponentially from here.

Candy Corn Apocalypse Membership card Halloween Club
Halloween and Horror have long been two very important aspects of my life.  As I get older and feel more nostalgic about the 1980s and 1990s, thoughts of these nearly-forgotten experiences (like walking to the video store to rent a VHS of a campy horror movie to watch with my friends) flood my brain and push me to manifest those old feelings once again.

I hope you will explore this new path to Halloween with me, and that I can elicit those old feelings from you as you dig into the Membership Pack the day it arrives.

Candy Corn Apocalypse Halloween Club Horror Sticker

Here are all the vital details of the Candy Corn Apoclaypse Army’s Halloween Club:

  • Access to the SECRET WEB PAGE (via QR code on the membership card), which will have a coupon and exclusive giveaway for members only, as well as future coupons, secret messages, exclusive art work, AND MORE!
  • Screen-printed CCA Tee Shirt (Gildan 5.6 oz, Gray, 100% Cotton). 4XL and up are 6.1 oz shirts. 6XL are Port and Company.
  • Moon Hill Mystery Malformation Sculpture (inspired by Monsters in my Pocket) with randomly inserted variants including glow in the dark.
  • CCAA Membership Card (2-sided, full color laminated with secret QR code).
  • Hazardous Fallout Icon 1.5 inch Button
  • CCA Sticker 3x4inch
  • Candy
  • Coupon Code via QR
  • Sign up sheet
  • Welcome Letter