The Writing Tips App

The Writing Tips App


Good writing comes from experience and practice. In reality, there’s no better way to become better at writing than reading a lot, and practicing your writing.

There is, however, one way to help speed things up and boost your writing prowess through the help of apps. While it neither tells you what writing style you should follow nor corrects your grammar, it does improve your techniques in conveying your thoughts and style in laying out words properly.

Writing Tips is a great source of guidelines for fledgling writers. It was made in partnership with Alice Kuipers, a Saskatchewan-based bestselling author known for her young adult titles such as “40 Things I Want To Tell You” and “Life on the Refrigerator Door.” In addition to offering countless tips, Alice’s app provides inspiration as well as over 300 exercises for writers to practice their skills with a pen (or keyboard). Regular usage of the app is a fun way to learn.

One of the most difficult parts of writing is starting your first paragraph. Many writers experience this, which is why it sometimes takes a long time just to finish a short article. This app counters the problems that writers experience with opening paragraphs, and inspires them to keep writing and writing. Writers often work in isolation so this app is pretty handy to have all the time since all it takes is a smartphone – which most people have today – to work.

Smartphones are becoming more than what they used to be, and thanks to that fact, people can do more in life and work. Perhaps the reason why some parents allow responsible kids to have a smartphone today is because of the educational value it serves. According to the management that handles Pocket Fruity – an entertainment hub known for its creative gaming titles such as “Hikory Dickory Dosh” and “Candy Cash” – mobile’s economic growth will skyrocket this year. As one of the most successful and popular ventures in the business world today, perhaps we’ll see more writing-related apps in the mobile market that will be on par with this handy Writing Tips App.



*Thank you for reading this month’s guest post written by Carl Oliver.  Be sure to check back soon for more writing tips.