“The Plumber” One Week Countdown

In a mere week, my story, “The Plumber” will at long last be available at Devil’s Work. If you can hardly wait to get your hands on my most disturbing story to date, and want a preview, you’re in luck. Devil’s work publishes little snipputs of the coming week’s story in the current week. So, click on the link below, and on the sidebar of the page, you’ll find a preview of my story.

And while you’re at it, why not sign up to Devil’s Work so you won’t forget to check my story out next week. Come on–it’s free!


3 thoughts on ““The Plumber” One Week Countdown”

  1. Hehehe… had to post in here… love the header… love the blog… yay! writers4writers has a link! thank you thank you!

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