The PR #3 Now Available Free

Good afternoon, gentle readers.

I come today bearing gifts.  Two or three months ago I posted about my series of hint fiction stories being published in The PR.  At the time the magazine was being sold for $2.99.  As I checked my links today, ensuring none were broken, I found that the issue is now available for free.

Happy days!

If you’re interested in reading these four, 25-word stories, they are on pages 22-23 according the the document pages, or page 12 according to the digital readout.  The issue can be viewed on the net, or downloaded as a PDF or TXT file.

Please enjoy.

5 thoughts on “The PR #3 Now Available Free”

  1. Strange enough, I already knew this. It used to listed under your available fiction or maybe the link was somewhere in the archives…hmm. (Hugs)Indy

  2. Good to read these pieces in the ‘zine form. As I mentioned to you before, I really love “The Hunt” – great twist there.

  3. Coolness — I liked “The Hunt” best. And hey, I see you’ve had a story accepted by ARCANE. Congrats! I’ll be in Issue#2, which should go to print as soon as they sell enough Issue#1’s. I purchased a copy of their first issue, just to help the cause, and I’m so glad I did. Great stuff in there!

    1. Thanks, Milo! Looks like you and Phil both liked the same one the best. I think that’s my personal fav as well.

      Wow, I’m in some great company with Arcane. I also picked up the first and will definitely get #2 as well. I’m not sure which issue I’ll be in yet, but hopefully soon after.

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