There’s a Storm Coming

Can’t you just picture a movie where the main character gazes at the far-off horizon–watching the gathering clouds–and mutters, “There’s a storm coming”?  And then you, the viewer, roll your eyes.  Maybe you even shift in your seat and sigh.  Because, oh boy, he means it both literally *and* figuratively, and wow, what deep meaning!  What literary sensibility!

The reason you can picture this scene so well is because you’ve very likely seen a number off movies where this very scenario plays out.  Maybe you’ve even found it in a few books.  My advice?  If you absolutely need to use the weather to represent coming events, please avoid “There’s a storm coming.”

This has been a public service announcement.

Seriously though, there really is a storm coming in the form of Hurricane Irene.  To all my East Coast friends, please be safe over the coming days.  Batten down the hatches, if you have hatches to batten.

What’s this?  Writing news!

I’ve had a short Halloween themed article accepted to be published this October.  It was a nice surprise, and technically counts as my first pro-sale, at 5 cents a word.  [Insert exclamation of excitement here].

Yesterday, I received two contributor copies from A capella Zoo.  They haven’t yet posted the magazine yet, so I won’t say more than what I already have until September, when the issue goes up for sale.  The cover looks amazing though.  I may give a copy away in a contest too, so stay tuned.

Another of my stories should be available very soon through Space Squid.  There’s an illustration for my story in this magazine (which they have sent me, but I’m hesitant to post because the issue isn’t yet available).  However, last I heard they had printed a number of copies to bring to WorldCon, so I’m hoping to hear that the issue is ready for sale soon.

I know, just a bunch of teasers.  How awful of me (you know you love it).


11 thoughts on “There’s a Storm Coming”

  1. Heh! Cue eerie music As soon as I read ‘there’s a storm coming’ the sky grew dark and poured a torrent down on the house. Hopefully this is the most NY gets from Irene.

    Congrats professor on all counts and welcome back to the classroom.

    This has been a rare appearance by yours truly this month. Should read more like a public service warning ;P.

    1. Indy! A rare appearance indeed, but I’m glad you came by. (Sorry about my truncated e-mail yesterday). Yeah, as much as I like storms, I don’t want a *destructive* storm to hit either. Hope to see you around more and more. 🙂

  2. Congrats on the publications. Yeah, the hurrican hit Puerto Rico where my parents live. Thank goodness they’re okay.

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