This isn't a Halloween Countdown

Because I celebrate Halloween every day.


And yet, if you visit my site at any point during the next two months, I can promise you’ll find something Halloweeny.  If not Halloweeny, then at least horrory.  If not horrory, then some other word with a “y” added to the end.

Today, I’m here for one reason: I’ve tasted my first bowl of Yummy Mummy, and it was glorious.


I’ll fess up.  I’ve never been the biggest fan of General Mills’ Monster Cereals.  Sure, I love the idea of them, as I love anything related to Halloween and horror.  But it wasn’t something I had ever eaten, or something I ever desired to eat.  That is, until this year.  When I heard GM was re-released the long dead monster Cereals Yummy Mummy and Fruit (now Frute) Brute, some dormant part of my inner Halloween Child came alive, and screamed for a bowl of these wonderful marshmallow laden breakfast treats.

I’ve been on the lookout for weeks now, and finally I found Yummy Mummy and Boo Berry at Walgreens.  They also had Franken Berry, but I wanted to slow play this whole thing.  Partly because I’m broke, and partly because I know that Target plans on releasing a limited collection of these monster cereals with their vintage box art.

general-mills-monster-cereals-vintage art

I, of course, plan to buy them all.


2 thoughts on “This isn't a Halloween Countdown”

  1. Horrory, huh? As long as it’s not anything “whorey”. No one needs to see that 🙂

    I hope we get the cereals up here in Canada, too! Otherwise, a little cross-border shopping may be in order.

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