“Uprooted” Invades Reality

In my short story, “Uprooted,” there is a magnificent thunder storm that causes a tree to become uprooted in the woods behind the main character’s house.

Last night, I experienced a storm close to the magnitude I had previously written about.  We lost electricity and the high winds whipped around the treetops, tearing branches and leaves free.  Moments later, I heard a creaking, followed by moaning, followed by an earthshaking crash.

As in my story, a tree in my very own backyard had become uprooted.  Unlike the story however, this tree fell across my backyard, coming within mere yards of crashing into the house.

The eeriness of experiencing an event so like something I have written was exceeded only by the knowledge that my house could have been crushed, had the tree been any closer.

And on a completely unrelated note:

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14 thoughts on ““Uprooted” Invades Reality”

  1. Bloody Hell. Glad you and your house escaped unscathed. Of course, having read Uprooted, I think you should still be a little afraid 😉

    1. Thanks, Cate. Yeah…I went to investigate it last night in the dark, and I kept thinking, “This is just the sort of mistake people in horror movies always make.”

  2. Holy wow! I wanted to see the hole with the shadow creatures crawling out! ;P Glad it missed the house. I worry about that happening where I live, way too many tall trees that could wreak havoc.

    I always said, horror writers write their own reality into being. I think it was Stephen King, who said if you can imagine it, it must be so. Brings a whole new meaning to some of the things our mind conjures.

    Stay safe there are more storms arriving through next week. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. I meant to tell you, you have a bit of nirvana here. A whole lot of firewood now for as well for the bonfire. (Hugs)Indy

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