Welcome Spring

Anthony Michael Hall Reviews Our Novel…and More!

(Featured image sourced from Kitchn.)

I’m not one to bask in the bright light of a sunny spring day and exclaim in wonder, “What a beautiful morning!” Those who know me realize, of course, autumn is more likely to elicit a sigh of contentment from this old, grumpy horror writer. Even still, this particular spring has brought with it an array of good news, and I’d like to share it with you.

First off, since the Corey Feldman’s review of Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions, we’ve had a couple more ‘80s child stars share their own thoughts of the novel, as collected below.

Anthony Michael Hall:

You can now enjoy the full novel soundtrack, a four chapter preview of the novel, and the mini comic by visiting the website and using the password “Tommy” to access each of them!

Nicole Eggert:

Next up, I have recently been brought on as staff for the retro website, The 80sXchange. I even got my own Smurfy makeover.

You can read my debut article (complete with embarrassing home video) here: The Stolen Cadbury Creme Egg. Bookmark the site if you’d like to read all of my articles as they are released.

I’ve also been feeling rather productive this spring and have written two new stories which are currently being considered for publication. One story may be of interest to longtime readers: “This is my Happy Face” recounts the origins of Sunshine, a fan-favorite character from “Loosely Enforced Rules” (found my collection Greetings from Moon Hill).

Until next time, breathe deep of the night.