Whole-Lotta Updates

Yup yup.

I have added four links to my Market Pages. These are pretty sweet market lists, two of which actually have internal search engines so you can narrow down what you’re looking for.

You can enter the word count, pay scale, genre, etc…

I glanced through these, and yes, most of the markets are the same listings you’d find at ralan.com, but I do dig the search option. Plus it never hurts to bounce around during searches.

So, I suggest anyone currently trying to publish take a look at these links. I will post them here, but they will also be on the sidebar with my other market links. Take advantage of these services, they make life a lot easier.

Spicy Green Iguana

Story Pilot



5 thoughts on “Whole-Lotta Updates”

  1. Anthony J. Rapino

    Flood and Scott, no problem at all.

    I think the hardest thing for me, when I decided to start submitting was finding places to submit to.

    I had cut my teeth on “Writers Market,” but once I moved into genre fiction, I realized how sparse that book can be (unless you get the Short Story Market).

    Even so, for there to be so many free services that update on a regular basis cuts down the searching, and gives us more time to write.

  2. Tony,

    Your site looks absolutely great! I wish I could figure out how you do all that customization.


  3. Anthony J. Rapino

    Thanks, Paul. I think you can probably find tutorials for HTML and Blog stuff onlnie. I’m by no means an expert, I know you can do anything I;ve done here.

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