1st Edition of Tastes of the Darkness

Tastes of the Darkness: 1st edition

The first edition is officially out. Go check out the great flash fiction that is collected for the theme of isolation. See how you can become part of the fun.

3 thoughts on “1st Edition of Tastes of the Darkness”

  1. Anthony J. Rapino

    No problem. I made that change; the link now goes directly to the 1st ed.

  2. I just received a rejection last week. It is what looks like a form rejection. No, it didn’t bog me down. Markets have their preferences, editors even more so. Our job is to write, hunt for markets, and submit. As long as we follow this simple track, acceptances will come–soooner or later.

    Great to see you reworking and resubbing. Good luck!

    ~ Sury

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